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Now Virtual - SingFest 2022


In February of 2019, Shelley Graff, singer-songwriter and Singing in Sacred Circle facilitator, attended an evening celebration hosted by CUUPS at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fort Myers, Florida.  The evening was filled with chanting and drumming with women who were spirited and welcoming!  The next month Shelley joined with the UUCFM choir to offer some songs/chants for International Women’s Day. At the end of the Sunday service, Shelley was approached by Mary Cline Gobitz who asked if she could help the women start a Singing in Sacred Circle.  Actually, the women of UUCFM had a Women’s Singing/Chanting group at one point, but it was no longer meeting. Thus, it was a natural fit for Shelley to help revive the Singing Circle. 

Unfortunately, because Shelley needed to return home to Ohio, the Singing in Sacred Circle was put on hold until she returned to Florida in 2020.  Thus, in January of 2020 a small group started meeting at UUCFM every Tuesday night to sing in community.  The core members of the Singing Circle were:  Mary Cline Gobitz, Alberita Johnson, Carole Latino, Toni Latino, Ruth King, Suzanne Ziemer and Genelle Grant.  A year later, Lesley Peterson joined the Singing Circle. This weekly core group of singers was enthusiastic and eager to learn and teach chants!  Most importantly, they loved the sisterhood and spirit community that resulted from their singing together.

One night at the end of Singing in Sacred Circle, Shelley mentioned in passing that, because she traveled throughout the southern region and nation offering singing circle workshops/retreats, she hoped to one day host a regional or national winter Singing in Sacred Circle Gathering/Festival in Florida.  Shelley didn’t really know the core group of singers very well but quickly learned that they were all movers and shakers! Two weeks later Shelley received an email from Genelle Grant with a blueprint detailing how the Singing in Sacred Circle core group would be hosts for a Women’s Singing Festival on the campus of UUCFM starting in 2021. Conveniently, most of the core group of singers also serve on the UUCFM Board of Directors!  Also, UUCFM has a strong and active CUUPS affiliate.  Thus, after meeting on Zoom for a year, SingFest was no longer a became a reality.

Unfortunately, in March of 2020, one rather daunting challenge forced us to shift all of our plans...Covid-19!  Our core group continued to meet and sing on Zoom every Tuesday afternoon.  We even facilitated a couple of  UUCFM Sunday services via Zoom!  However, because of the pandemic, we had to relinquish the notion of hosting an in person SingFest in 2021. 

Even though we were not able to come together in person for SingFest 21, our core members organized a very successful virtual gathering called Singfest 2021!  Women from all over the country joined a Friday night Zoom Singing in Sacred Circle where singing circles from California, Maine, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and beyond shared videos of their Singing Circles singing one chant.  Next, we did a Zoom Singing in Sacred Circle where women offered to facilitate chants while everyone sang along at home. Guest facilitators such as Melanie DeMore, Linda Smith Koehler with Rissa Moore, Ruth Barrett, Renee Janski, Wild Bodema and Shelley Graff facilitated Saturday afternoon workshops and then performed in a Saturday night concert. (SingFest 2021 poster is available here.)

  The overwhelmingly positive comments in our evaluations reflected that everyone had a fantastic time at SingFest 21. In fact, many women expressed that they were excited to meet everyone in person next year at SingFest 22! 



Guest Facilitators

  • Natalie Jackson
    Traditional African Song, Drum, and Dance.
    Natalie Jackson, the founding Mother of the award-winning troupe KUUMBA, has dedicated her life to preserving West African Culture.
    Website & Facebook
  • Shelley Graff  
    Singing in Sacred Circle facilitator, Singer-Song/Chant writer, Performer
    Website & Facebook
  • Linda Koehler and Rissa Moore
    Singing in Sacred Circle facilitators, Singer-Song/Chant writer, Performers
    Website & Facebook &
  • Barbara Gail
    Dynamic alchemist in the teaching and facilitating arts of group rhythm and movement, hand-drumming and dance, for people of all ages, abilities and challenges. 

    Website & Facebook & YouTube & YouTube

  • Albie Johnson
    Poet, Lay Minister @ UUCFM, Community Organizer, Counselor
    Website & Blog

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CUUPS of Fort Myers
On the campus of
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers
13411 Shire Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33912


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